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African Centre for Health Systems Development

ACHSD is non-profit, independent, health systems think-tank committed to rigorous research through which health and healthy public policies and processes are examined, supported and best practices disseminated and adopted or adapted. The Organization has special focus on health system strengthening. Strong health systems foster delivery of effective, efficient, quality and equitable health services and ultimately good health for everyone. Good health is a basis for socio-economic transformation.

ACHSD aims to contribute to the realization of highest standard of health and promotion of wellbeing for all in line with the Sustainable Development Goal on health and targets that governments in partnership with global health development actors have set to achieve. ACHSD contributes to health systems development and ultimately good health through its support for generation and synthesis of evidence that informs policy and programming, and implementation of specific interventions, guided by the Organization’s Vision.


“ACHSD provides consultancy services to stakeholders in the broad areas outlined in our general areas of work.”


ACHSD implements intervention projects in health and other social services.