Leadership and Governance

ACHSD is governed by a Board of Trustees (BOT) that provide oversight leadership and governance to the organization. The Board members have varied and rich experiences in global health, international relation and development, strategy development, finance and accounting, and legal among others. There are also 2 sub-committees of the board namely; Technical, and Executive and Finance Committee, membership coming from the members of the BOT. These provide the needed support to both the management and the board of trustees. Once every year, ACHSD undergoes an external audit by a recognized audit firm.

ACHSD practices good corporate governance principles and practices embedded in its board manual as a prescriptive guide to its Board of Trustees and the Management in implementing the governance practices. However, many of the aforesaid principles and practices are based on the accepted standards of ACHSD as the parent organization. Compliance with the Manual by Board Members of ACHSD and its Management in the execution of their duly assigned responsibilities is a pre-requisite for instituting corporate governance at direction, management and operational levels.

Management and operation

ACHSD has offices in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda. As network, there are processes to establish offices in other countries in Africa. The offices operate autonomously of each other, however there are linkages at a strategic level. In each country the organization is headed by an Executive Director, who is a Chief Executive Officer reporting to the Board of Trustees. The Executive Director is supported by a team of senior and technical managers (programs, finance & administration, monitoring evaluation and learning among others falling under three directorates of programs, operations and finance.

As a think tank, the engine of work of ACHSD is its pool of experts; the Associates. These are experts in the fields in which ACHSD works. The Associates may have full time or part time engagement with ACHSD at any one time. There are three levels of associates, there are; –

  • Principal Associates: These ACHSD Associates have PhD and extensive experience (10+years) in research and intervention projects or program management.
  • Senior Associates: These are master level graduates with extensive experience (5-15 years) managing large scale intervention or research projects and programs. May also be recent PhD graduates with at least 5+ years of work experience.
  • Associates: These are recently qualified master level graduates but who have at least 5 years of experience in intervention programs/project management or research